I know, I know. Thanksgiving is for football. And it is. For me, it will be all about the Cowboys on Thursday and the Longhorns on Friday, in between turkey-induced comas.

As we end November and move into the end of the year, we get one day closer to pitchers and catchers for 2020, and further away from 2019; it has me thinking fondly on the season past. So, for my 2019 baseball season, I’m thankful for:

  • My baseball traveling partner: my wife. She loves the game so much. We saw walk offs, we saw championships, we saw some blowout losses and wins. And we met some of the best people across the country.
  • Spending four games with my two year old grandson and my wonderful daughter. We saw games in Seattle, Tacoma, Round Rock and Houston. Seeing her teach him the game…it’s the best.
  • I’m thankful for Andy, Nathan, Scott and Timothy, who you’ve heard on our show. We’ve been all over the country going to games and their buy in on the show’s concept has been humbling to say the list.
  • To all the folks who listened to our show. Our show is intentionally NOT going to be controversial. It’s not going to be the ‘hot take’ show. They are exhausting. They are soul sucking. And sometimes, I really believe they bring out the worst in us. So we’re going to celebrate the game that we love and leave the other things to people who frankly do it better. People who have access. And instead, we’re going to focus on the game and what it means to people, particularly those not in the 30 MLB cities. So thank you to our loyal listenership.
  • Thank you to all who have come on the show. The fans of the program who thought they had something to add…and did. The GMs, marketers and radio folks from all the MiLB teams who gave us access to that world and their individual teams. It was honestly life changing.
  • To all the fans, be it at Astros away games or any number of the MiLB and indie league games we met. So gracious and polite and welcoming. We made friends and shared some great times with everyone we met. Small parks, big parks: the game, even with all the drama in the MLB now, the game is strong and in good hands.

So thank you. For being a part of Let’s Get Two.

We’ve got one more episode and then we’ll be back next year! And we’re going to be out and about. Here’s a list of where we’re gonna be in 2020 with more trips still to be planned.

Again, to every listener, collaborator, thank you. The show has been a dream come true and we owe you all so much.

In March, Jess and I are going to Spring Training! So stoked! We’ll spend most of our time at the Astros/Nats facility.

In May, we’re gonna hit up Astros @ Blue Jays, the Buffalo Bisons and Rochester

We’ll be in New York in June of 2020 for Astros @ Mets, the Trenton Thunder and Rays @ Yankees.

Later in June, we’ll be in the Bay area for Astros @ Oakland, The San Jose Giants, The SF Giants and the Cali League All Star Game the Stockton Ports.

July we’ll be out to see the Lexington Legends and Louisville Bats. We’re also setting trips to see the Eugene Emeralds, Hartford Yard Goats, Hillsboro Hops and Omaha Storm Chasers! It’s gonna be fun.

Like I said, we’re gonna be busy. Have a great Thanksgiving I hope your football allegiances do well, as long as they don’t counter mine. 😉

Thanksgiving episode.

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