Unboxed Season Finale

Watch here.

We wrap up the off season with some great gets we ordered on #National Hat Day.

Check out:

Eugene Emeralds (Time Code: 1:20) https://www.milb.com/eugene

Stockton Ports (Time Code 2:03) https://www.milb.com/stockton

Sacramento River Cats (Time Code 2:58) https://www.milb.com/sacramento

Harrisburg Senators (Time Code 3:37) https://www.milb.com/harrisburg

Shoutout: Missoula Paddleheads https://www.milb.com/missoula

Also in the show: New programming announcements (Time Code 4:31)

Astros Sign Stealing & the Worst & Best of Baseball Fans (Time Code 6:20)

Wrap Up (Time Code 15:20)

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