2020 Is Over

It’s kind of awkward to be a Texan right now and joke about 2020 being gone and 2021 being here considering the fact that we’re still thawing out.

What a year already.

But baseball is here and we’re back for season 3 of our show.

If you’re looking for baseball talk thats:

  1. Positive and fun
  2. Respectful
  3. Focused on the soul and heart of the game and where that soul lives.
  4. Not surviving on hot takes and trolling
  5. Doesn’t rely on the lowest common denominator to make the show happen.

Then we’re the show for you.

In the premiere of every season, and sometimes in random episodes, I start with a quote. This season’s quote couldn’t be more fitting. Check out the premiere to find out what it is. We call that a tease.

2021 will eventually become more normal. We’ll get to the ballpark. Transport through time and space to the first time we went, heart the crack of the back, ate a hot dog thats a bit too messy and stretched in the 7th. We’ll get there.

We’d be honored and humbled if you come along with us as we journey through what we hope will be a season of catharsis and healing.

Let’s Get Two.

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