Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 “Starting Lineups”

Episode 2 “Baseball High School”

Episode 3 “Durham Bulls Are Lollygagging”

Episode 4 “The Express Out of Round Rock”

Episode “5 MLB Picks”

Episode 6 “The Missions of San Antone”

Episode 7 “Frisco’s Own Rough Riders”

Episode 8 “The Sox System”

Episode 9 “Travelin’ Stripes”

Episode 10: “The Miracle of Baseball”

Episode 11: “The Skeeters of Sugar Land”

Episode 12: “Rainers & Lake Monsters Are Killing Me Smalls”

Episode 13: “Those Sod Poodles”

Episode 14: “Wild Things, You Make My Heart Sing”

Episode 15: “Memorial Day and the Fayetteville Woodpecker” 

Episode 16: “Anglers Bananas and Baseball”

Episode 17: “Hooked on the Blue Ghosts:

Episode 18: “Tom Holliday”

Episode 19: “Rockhounds and Sea Wolves”

Episode 20 “Dayton, Home of the Dragons”

Episode 21 “Miles and Miles of Texas”

Episode 22 “The Round Rock, The Tri-City and the Quad Cities”

Episode 23 “Dogs. The Chicago Way”

Episode 24 “Jess Has Been Everywhere”

Episode 25 “Grizzlies, Rough Riders, Cardinals and Jacob Colbert”

Episode 26 “Storm Chaser”

Episode 27 “50 Summers”

Episode 28 “The Yard Goats of Hartford”

Episode 29 “Brampton’s Own Michale Doneger”

Episode 30 “The Let’s Get Two Awards”

Episode 31 “MiLB Champs, Person of the Year & Vintage Baseball”

Episode 32 “Blue Rocks and Wild Cards”

Episode 33 “Trenton Thunder, Corpus Christi Hooks and LCS Previews”

Episode 34 “The Lexington Legends and the Legends of October”

Episode 35 “Round Rock Express and WS Games 1&2”

Episode 36 “World Series 3,4,5”

Episode 37: World Series Wrap”

Episode 38: “MLB Awards, MiLB Communications, Train Guys and More”

Episode 39: “Thanksgiving”

Hot Stove Special

Episode 40: “The One With The Season Finale”

Signs, Signs, Everywhere the Signs