Season 4 Episodes

S4 Episode 1: “We’re Baaaaack” Video Podcast

The team is back as we get ready to cover baseball, from sea to shining sea.

S4 Episode 2: “The Inland Empire Strikes Back” Video Pod

I went to a hockey game. Andrew gave me a challenge and THE INLAND EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!

S4 Episode 3: “The New Look Midland Rockhounds” Video Pod

The Rockhounds updated their branding and boy does it pop! We talk the history of baseball in West Texas, What else to do when you head to West Texas, baseball movies and the amazing Baseball Bucket List show.

S4 Episode 4: “The ‘E’ Train Is Rolling’

It’s time for a new season of Express baseball! And they have one of our favorite opening day traditions. Vid: Apple: Pod:

S4 Episode 5: “There’s No Place Like The Hooks”

We feel like Dorothy after getting back to Kansas. No place like home. And our home is Whataburger Field. Video Apple Pod

S4 Episode 6: “Baseball In The Que” We knew we took the right turn that got us to Albuquerque.

Video Apple Pod

S4 Episode 7: “The Grass Is Always Greener In Greenville”

My favorite little leaguer and an amazing ballpark. Video Apple Pod